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Guide zum Automatisierten Handel

Dieser Abschnitt bietet Lernmaterial über den Automatisierten Handel. Unter anderem, Definitionen der Schlüselterminologie der Industrie und Vergleiche zwischen Automatisiertem und Manuellem Handel.

  • What Is Automated Trading?

    Automatic trading, which is also known as black box trading, robotic trading and algorithmic trading, is a strategy that enables traders to have their orders executed automatically. By setting certain...

  • Automated Trading vs. Manual Trading

    The decision to trade automatically or manually can at times be a difficult one to make. Some people prefer automated trading over manual trading because it is a mode of trading that has been tested by...

  • The Top 10 advantages of Using Automated Trading in Forex

    1. There is no learning curve, since prior knowledge of the Forex market is not required. Traders do not need to learn about trading methods or systems in order to trade, they can simply rely on the tested...