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Dieser Abschnitt bietet Lernmaterial über den Forex Handel. Unter anderem, definieren diese Artikel Schlüsselterminologie der Industrie und beschreiben verschiedene Fehler die oft während des Forex Handels begangen werden.

  • Forex Trading Signal Systems

    Forex trading signal systems are sets of algorithmic procedures or analyses used by Forex traders to establish entry and exit points for a currency pair trade at any particular time. Comprising a large...

  • Common mistakes that cause losses in Forex trading

    About 90% of all traders lose money. In Forex trading this number is closer to 95%, which begs the question: Why do traders lose?

    Here are the most fatal mistakes that cause traders to lose...

  • How To Improve Your Forex Trading

    1. The trend is your friend: To trade profitably in Forex, you will need to have a trading strategy in place. Nonetheless, the effectiveness of your trading strategy also needs to take into account...